How to Update Maps on the Navigon 2100

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Germany's NAVIGON Inc. produces a selection of GPS navigation devices that are used worldwide. To update a NAVIGON GPS device such as the NAVIGON 2100, you must register your device with the NAVIGON website. Once you've registered, you can download and install the NAVIGON Fresh application, which you can use to download map and system software updates for your NAVIGON 2100 unit.


Step 1

Open your Web browser and navigate to the NAVIGON website.

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Step 2

Click "Registration & Activation," and then click the "I don't have a MyNAVIGON account yet" link.


Step 3

Fill in your personal information in the registration form and click "Send" to continue.

Step 4

Click the "Service Activation" link, and then click "Activate now!" and "Register now."


Step 5

Click the drop-down menu and select "NAVIGON 2100" from the list. Type a name for your product and specify where and why you purchased the item using the drop-down menus. Click "Register this product" to continue.

Step 6

Click the "Download NAVIGON Fresh Now!" link, and then click the "Download" button and "Download NAVIGON Fresh now" links to save the installation file to your computer.



Step 7

Run the downloaded file and follow the on-screen installation wizard prompts to set up the NAVIGON Fresh application on your computer.

Step 8

Double-click the NAVIGON Fresh icon on your desktop to run the program. Choose your language and country from the drop-down menus.


Step 9

Connect your NAVIGON 2100 to your computer using its included USB cable.

Step 10

Click the "Download maps & services" button to update your NAVIGON 2100's maps.

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