How to Update a TomTom One XL

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TomTom releases software updates for the One XL GPS through the TomTom HOME computer program. These free updates patch the TomTom Application on your GPS, adding features and improving performance. You can also use the TomTom HOME software to redeem your latest map guarantee, which updates the system's map for free within 90 days of purchase, or to buy map updates after this period.

Step 1

Open TomTom HOME on your computer and connect your TomTom One XL via USB. If you do not have HOME installed, download it from TomTom's website and install it.

Step 2

Click "Back Up and Restore," "Back Up My Device" and then "Back Up Now" to create a backup of your One XL before continuing. This protects your data in case the update fails and you need to reset the device. After the backup finishes, click "Done."

Step 3

Press "Update My Device" to check online for updates. If an update for the TomTom Application is available, it will appear listed on the update screen.

Step 4

Select the update and click "Download Updates." Wait while the software downloads and installs the new update, and then click "Done."

Step 5

Open the "Device" menu and choose "Disconnect Device." Quit TomTom HOME and unplug your ONE XL.


In addition to updating the software on your TomTom One XL, you can also download the newest version of the map for free within the first 90 days of owning your One XL. In TomTom HOME, open the "Tools" menu and click "Use Latest Map Guarantee."

To get new maps after 90 days, you need to buy them. To get started, visit TomTom's map update Web page (see Resources), pick the One XL from the model list and then click "Start TomTom HOME" to access the shop and purchase maps.


Do not disconnect your GPS in the middle of an update or without choosing "Disconnect Device." Doing so could cause data loss.

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