How to Unlock a NAVTEQ SD Card

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Your NAVTEQ GPS offers directions and traffic updates.
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Your vehicle's NAVTEQ navigation system serves as a guide on unfamiliar city streets and highways. Roads change frequently, so NAVTEQ recommends that you update your navigation system maps every year. NAVTEQ sells map updates on DVDs or SD cards. If you bought an update on an SD card, the card only allows you to use the maps for about 600 miles before you need to enter an activation code to unlock the maps on the card for continued use.


Step 1

Power on the NAVTEQ GPS and press the "Menu" button. Scroll to and select "Configuration." Select "SD Card Management" and "System Serial Number." Write down the 11-digit system serial number.

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Step 2

Write down the SD card map update serial number. Find this number on the top right corner of the package.


Step 3

Open an Internet browser, go to the NAVTEQ website and select your vehicle's make. Click "Sign in" to log in to your NAVTEQ account, or register a new account.

Step 4

Click "Generate Unlock Key" under the Activate Service heading. Type the NAVTEQ GPS serial number if you have not registered the device before. Enter a name for the GPS, then click "Add New Device."



Step 5

Click "Add New Services." Enter the SD card serial number. Click the SD card map coverage area, then click "Unlock Map Product." The map card activation code displays.

Step 6

Power on the navigation system and insert the SD card. Press "Menu," then Select "Configuration" and "Map License Activation." Type the activation code to unlock the maps on the card.

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