How to Track a Boost Phone Via the Web

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AccuTracking is an LBS (location-based services) provider available for Boost Mobile phones using the Sprint and Nextel networks. AccuTracking allows Boost Mobile users to track the location of their mobile phone online by using Google Earth.

AccuTracking will not allow you to track just any phone, however. First, you need to have the AccuTracking software installed on the phone; secondly, you will need to have access that phone's AccuTracking account, in order to retrieve the Google Earth status updates. Therefore, if you want to keep track of someone's location, you will need to give that person a Boost Mobile phone installed with AccuTracking, and you must know the login name and password to that phone's AccuTracking account.


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Step 1

Install the AccuTracking application to your Boost Mobile Phone. Click the link in the resources to send the software to your phone. If you do not currently own a Boost Mobile phone, you can purchase a starter kit from the AccuTracking website (also included in the resources). The starter kit includes a prepaid Boost Mobile phone, car and wall chargers, a month of free tracking service, a starter guide, and an active account. The AccuTracking software will also come pre-installed with the phone.


Step 2

Wait for the application to be sent to your phone. Then, from the main menu, click "Games & Apps", then "Download Apps", and finally, "New Purchases". Click on "AccuTracking" and hit "Select".

Step 3

Obtain a tracker ID. From your computer, go to the AccuTracking sign-up page included in the resources. Register an account and then log in using your username and password. Navigate to the "Manage Units" page, enter a name for your phone, then select "Generate Tracker ID."


Step 4

Return to the main menu of your phone (if you are not already there). Click "Games & Apps", then "More," and then select "AccuTracking". After the installation is complete, the application will ask for a tracker ID. Enter the ID that was given to you on the AccuTracking website and hit "OK."


Step 5

From your computer, log back into your account. Go to the "Manage Units" page, then click "Show," located underneath "Sticker." There should be Google Earth links located lower on the page. The first link will take you to the phone's latest positions, while the other link(s) will show you location history.



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