How to Find Your Spouse by GPS Cell-Phone Tracking

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Find your spouse by tracking his cell phone online.

You can track your spouse's location through his or her GPS-capable phone with the use of a third-party program. Tracking your spouse's cell phone is easy, but it may be hard to obtain the phone to install the software. After the tracking software is installed on the phone, however, you can track the whereabouts of your spouse's cell phone in real time directly from your mobile phone or computer.


Step 1

Visit a free cell phone tracking website, such as, or Mologogo.

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Step 2

Select the option to create an account. Fill in the form with the information requested of you, such as your name, address, the mobile phone number that you want to track and the carrier (if applicable).


Step 3

Click the option to register your account. Confirm the account (if applicable) by retrieving the email message sent from the website and clicking on the "Activate Account" link.

Step 4

Return to the tracking website and click the option to download the tracking software onto the phone that you want to track.


Step 5

Follow the instructions provided by the website to install the software onto your particular phone. Select the option to enable the GPS settings on your spouse's phone. This may be done automatically once the software is installed, or you may need access the "Settings" menu on your spouse's phone. Locate the "GPS" or "Location" tab and select the option to turn on the feature.



Step 6

Sign into the tracking website using the browser on your mobile phone or by accessing the Internet from your computer.

Step 7

Click on the cell phone number that you want to find and wait for the results to populate on the screen.




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