How to Track a Friend's iPhone With Your Android Phone

By Amanda Gronot

With geo-tracking apps, you don't have to contact your friends to find out where they are. Instead, you can tap the app and look at a map to see what they're up to -- and see if you want to join them. Several companies offer apps for the Android or the iOS market, but only a few provide apps that work on both platforms. Locimobile provides several apps for Android and iPhone, and Google offers the Google Latitude app, which works on both as well. All of these apps function in essentially the same way.

Step 1

Download and install a friend-tracking app on your Android phone that also supports iOS. Some of these apps include GPS Tracking or GPS Tracking Lite, iLoci2 or iLoci2 Lite, Tracking or Tracking Pro, and Google Latitude.

Step 2

Tell your friend with an iPhone to download the same app.

Step 3

Configure your settings to have the app share your location. Some apps allow you to share your location whenever it changes and send your contacts notifications; others will put your location on a map whenever you update it. Have your friend configure his settings to share his location as well.

Step 4

Check the map or notifications in your app whenever you want to see where your friend is.