How to Download a Firefox Browser

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As long as you have one functioning browser, you can download and install Firefox.
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Although Windows comes with a perfectly functional Web browser of its own, many users prefer Mozilla's Firefox. Firefox has an unusually rich ecosystem of add-ons and extensions, and it has a long history of offering good performance with minimal security issues. All you'll need in order to download and install it is an Internet connection and an existing browser.


Downloading and Installing

Use your existing browser to go to Mozilla's download page (see link in references). You'll see a large version of the Firefox logo superimposed on a colorful button labelled "Free Download." Depending on the speed of your connection, the download might take as little as a few seconds or as long as a minute or two. When it's finished, a dialog box will open and prompt you to run the setup file. Click "Run" and follow the onscreen prompts to finish the installation. You'll see a new Firefox tile on your Start screen, and when you're in Desktop mode you'll see a Firefox icon on your taskbar.


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Software Versions

These instructions are valid for Windows 8.1 and Firefox 30. The installation process might vary in future versions of the programs.