How to Edit Portfolios With Yahoo Finance

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How to Edit Portfolios With Yahoo Finance. Yahoo Finance portfolios are a comprehensive and customizable place to keep and track all of your personal finance information, as well as research stocks and view market trends and finance articles. Best of all, Yahoo Finance services are free and easy to use.


Edit Portfolios With Yahoo Finance

Step 1

Visit the Yahoo Finance Web site to get started (see Resources below).

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Step 2

Click on the "Edit Portfolio" link near the top of your Portfolio page. Here you can change all the elements you originally customized for your portfolio, delete details and add new ones.


Step 3

Change the amount of shares you own and edit other basics by clicking on the "Enter More Info" button. Make your changes and remember to click "Save" before moving on.

Step 4

Make multiple entries of the same stock ticker by selecting "Edit" which appears next to your portfolio's name. Enter the ticker symbol the same amount of times as you want it to appear in your portfolio. To enter different cost bases and other share information, click on the "Enter More Info" button near the bottom of the Edit page.


Step 5

Highlight and delete or backspace over any ticker symbols you wish to remove from your portfolio.

Step 6

Delete an entire portfolio by entering the portfolio, clicking the "Edit" link, and selecting the "Delete This Portfolio" link on the top of the Edit page.



Step 7

Make cash entries in your portfolio by selecting the name of the portfolio from the list on the Yahoo Finance page. Click the 'Edit' link on the next page then enter '$cash' in the field provided. Next, select the 'Enter More Info' option. Find the $CASH line item on the following page and type in the amount of cash into the shares column. You will now be able to view your cash transaction in the performance view.


Step 8

Get help editing advanced portfolios such as the transaction tracker by clicking on the 'Help' link in Yahoo Finance (see Resources below). Click on the 'Creating And Modifying Transactions' link and follow instructions.



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