How to Embed Flash Game in Excel Spreadsheet

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If you have ever wanted to play flash games at work, but the firewall blocks them, here is your answer.

Step 1

Download free flash game online or use one you already have

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Step 2

Open Excel and go to the top left option button. Choose excel options in the bottom right hand corner.


Step 3

Click show developer tab in the ribbon.

Step 4

Go to the developers tab and click insert. Choose insert shockwave object.

Step 5

Create an area on the spreadsheet as large as the window you are working on.


Step 6

Right click the area you just created and choose properties. 1. Make the embed movies option "True" 2. Find the file you want on your computer and paste the path into the movie option. (exit properties)


Step 7

Click design mode and you now have an active game.


Step 8

Right click the game area on the screen and choose play.

Step 9

Save normally and send it to yourself at work. Have fun.

Step 10

Tell me if it works, I have a game or two at



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