How to Enter a Backslash on an iPhone

A backslash isn't the most common symbol typed when sending a text message to a friend or loved one, but when you need to use it, no other symbol will suffice -- such as when you're typing JavaScript code. The backslash, or , is actually included in the virtual keyboard found on iPhones and iPads -- however it's tucked away on a separate Symbols keyboard. The forward slash, or /, which is often just called a slash, is located on the iPhone's Numbers keyboard.

Step 1

Image Credit: Screenshot courtesy of Apple.

Launch the app that you want to type in and tap the screen to place the cursor. When the virtual keyboard appears, tap the 123 key to open the Numbers keyboard.

Step 2

Image Credit: Screenshot courtesy of Apple.

Tap the #+= key to open the Symbols keyboard. If you need a \, or Forward Slash, it's located on the Numbers keyboard here. A forward slash is commonly used in website URLs, such as

Step 3

Image Credit: Screenshot courtesy of Apple.

Tap the \, or Backslash, key. To toggle back to the Main keyboard, tap the ABC key. To return to the Numbers keyboard, tap the 123 key.


University of South California lecturer, Phil Conrad, has a good way to distinguish a backslash from a forward slash. Picture someone walking past you, from left to right, in the same direction you type. Someone leaning backward resembles a backslash. Someone leaning forward looks like a forward slash.