How to Enter an IP Address Into the Address Bar

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IP addresses are used throughout the Internet and are a unique way for a computer, website or networking device to identify itself or its location. In some instances, an IP address can be used to gain access to a remote computer or file system. In its simplest form, IP addresses allow us to access our router settings for our home networks.


Step 1

Open your computer's web browser.

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Step 2

Move your cursor to your address bar and click inside of it to type an address.

Step 3

If you have a home network using a wired or wireless router, access your router by typing its IP address in the following form:


Different makes or models use different default IP addresses, so also try: or

Step 4

Run another test by typing's IP address,, into your address bar. If done correctly, you should be directed to There is no need to type "http://" or "www", as your browser will automatically detect the address you are trying to access.


IP version 4 (IPv4) is the most common type of IP address used on the Internet and for networking. It is always in the following form: The numbers can hold different values, depending on which computer, website or network device you are trying to access. The IP address directs you to Google's homepage.