How to Export PNG Out of Blender

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Blender can accept input from a graphics tablet as well as your mouse and keyboard.
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Blender not only produces 2-D and 3-D animations, it also allows you to save scenes from your work as still image files. The image formats supported by Blender include PNG, TARGA, JPEG, BMP and TIFF. In addition, Blender gives you the option of saving your work as grayscale or full-color images. You can access Blender's screenshot tool using the application's menu system or with the keyboard.


Step 1

Click the "Render" menu and select "Render Image" to render the scene you want to save. You can also render the scene by pressing the "F12" key.

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Step 2

Click "Image" and select "Save As Image" to open the Save Screenshot window. If you prefer to use the keyboard, press the "F3" shortcut instead. You can also render the scene and open the Save Screenshot window by clicking "Window," and then selecting "Save Screenshot."



Step 3

Click the spin box and select the "PNG" file format. By default, Blender saves your scene as an RGB image with an alpha layer. To save the scene shot without transparency, press "RGB." Press "BW" if you want to convert the scene to a grayscale image.



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