How to Export the History in Internet Explorer to a New Computer

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You've just purchased a new computer and transferred most of your important documents over. You start up Internet Explorer, but you can't remember the website that you found that great recipe on. No matter, you'll just open up the history – except the history hasn't been exported to your new computer. Unfortunately, Windows does not come with an automatic wizard that exports Internet Explorer's history from one computer to the next. Instead, you'll have to complete the process manually.


Step 1

Stick your USB drive into a free USB port on your old computer (the one you want to transfer the history from).

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Step 2

Open "My Computer" by double-clicking on it.

Step 3

Go to: C:\Users\YOU\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\ where "YOU" is your username. For example, if your username was John Doe, then the address you would type in would be: C:\Users\johndoe\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\


Step 4

Right-click on the "Temporary Internet Files" folder. A drop down menu will appear. Select "Copy."

Step 5

Paste the "Temporary Internet Files" folder into your USB folder by right-clicking anywhere inside the USB folder and selecting "Paste" from the drop down menu.


Step 6

Remove your USB drive from your computer by pulling it out. Insert the USB drive into the new computer (the computer you want to have the Internet Explorer history).


Step 7

Right-click on the "Temporary Internet Folder" located on your USB drive. Select "Copy" from the drop-down menu.


Step 8

Double-click "My Computer" and type "C:\Users\YOU\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows" into the navigation box at the top of the screen. Again, replace "YOU" with whatever your username is.

Step 9

Right-click anywhere inside the new box and click "Paste." A prompt will ask you if you want to overwrite "Temporary Internet Files." Select "Yes." Your history will be transferred to your new computer.



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