How to Search for JPEG Files

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JPEGs are a common image format that uses a different compression ratio than other formats, such as GIFs. Although JPEGs can be used for almost all images, they are most commonly used for digital camera pictures and photographic images. JPEGs are best suited for web and online images rather than line drawings and projects created in Adobe Illustrator. Sometimes, a collection of JPEG files can get too big, and it can a be chore to try to locate them all on your computer. Learning to search for all of your JPEGs will help eliminate this problem.


Step 1

Go to the "Start" menu. Type "JPEG" into the search bar. Press "enter." This will now bring up all JPEG files located on your computer.

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Step 2

Go to the user profile of your computer and then click on "pictures." This will now bring up all pictures located in the folder.


Step 3

Type "JPEG" into the search bar of the "pictures" window and then press "enter." This will now locate all JPEG pictures in this folder.


Step 4

Go to "Start menu > all programs > accessories > paint." Click "file" on the top of the toolbar and highlight "open." Change the selection from "all files" to "JPEG." This will now show all JPEG files located in each folder that you click on. The selection changer can be found right next to the "save as" box.




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