How to Extract Vocals Using FL Studio

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Fruity Loops Studio is a robust audio editing and recording program used by professional audio recorders and amateurs alike. Its large Internet community of users has led to the creation of numerous plug-ins and features that aren't normally installed with the application. One of the unique things you can do using FL Studio is isolate the vocal track from a song with background music and then extract the vocals into their own unique media file.


Step 1

Open the audio file whose vocals you wish to remove in Fruity Loops studio.

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Step 2

Click on the "EQ Filter" window and reduce the bass frequencies in the audio file as well as the high points of the audio file. Do this by clicking the appropriate slider and moving it down to the desired point.


Step 3

Adjust the slider in the "EQ Filter" window until you're able to isolate the vocals from the music track completely, enabling you to extract the vocals as their own unique MP3 file.


Step 4

Save the modified FL studio file so that you can access the raw FL studio file. Then save it as an MP3 file so that you can store the vocal track in MP3 audio format. Use the MP3 file when you need to use the extracted vocal track over a different beat or song.




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