How to Fill Out a Blank Check With a Word Processor

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You can use a standard sheet-fed printer to print out your personal checks. The advantage of this is that your checks will be easy to read, and less likely to be rejected or cashed for the wrong amount due to illegible handwriting. To do this, you will use a word processor to set up a form with text boxes to print on the check in the proper locations for the information you need to fill out.


Step 1

Measure the check with the ruler to determine the exact locations of the date, payee, amount, written amount, and memo fields on the check.

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Step 2

Create a new word processing document.

Step 3

Place text boxes on the document corresponding to the fields you measured on the check.


Step 4

Save the document.

Step 5

Fill out the text boxes whenever you need to print a check.


Step 6

Line up the check against the paper guides for the next sheet of paper to be fed through the printer.


Step 7

Print the check.

Step 8

Review the check for typographical errors, and sign it.

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