How to Find a Modem Security Key

A modem security key is used to protect users from any potential intruders that may want to use their network to connect to the Internet. Security keys can often be forgotten. Consequently, users can't connect to the Internet using their own modem. However, there are ways you can get your original security key, but you should keep it handy in a safe place.

Modem security key.

2wire Modem Default Security Key

Step 1

Grab a paper and pen.

Step 2

Look on the bottom of your modem, below the serial number and bar code.

Step 3

Write down the 10-digit number with brackets around it. That is your default security key.

Retrieve Default Gateway Number

Step 1

Check that your computer indicates it is connected to your modem. Place the mouse arrow on the small "connection status screen" on the bottom right side of the task bar menu, next to the "time display" or "volume icon." Wait for a box to appear and display your connection status (currently connected or not connected.)

Step 2

Go to the "Start" menu and click on "Control Panel." Select the "Network Connection" option. Right-click on the icon that belongs to your router and click on "Status." Select the "Support" tab. Write down the number provided as your default gateway. This should consist of eight digits with periods between the third, sixth and seventh digit.

Step 3

Open your web browser.

Step 4

Type the eight digits with the periods you wrote down into the address bar of your browser and hit "Enter." Depending on your connection, you may have to use the prefix "http://." You will be directed to your router's configuration page (if you are asked for login and password, use "admin" for both.) Browse the router's settings for an entry titled "Security Key." This will be the security key for your router.

Step 5

Contact your router's customer support number if you cannot find your security key after following these steps. A customer service representative should provide you with options to retrieve your security key.


Write your security key and keep it in a safe place near your computer to save time later.

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