How to Find Area 51 on Google Earth

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Using Google Earth is very easy.
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Interested in uncovering a few exciting Area 51 secrets? While finding aliens and touring secret bunkers is not possible through Google Earth or Maps, the satellite imagery is available for general viewing. Finding the location is easy and like all satellite imagery on Google Maps, the detail is high quality.


What is Area 51?

Area 51 is a government-controlled space in Nevada that is loved by conspiracy theorists. The Air Force base and its functions are largely classified, leaving plenty of room for speculation about the purpose of the base and the activities that take place beyond view. Secret bunkers, spy planes and aliens are just a few of the common topics of conversation surrounding the area.

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The area is also well known for UFO sightings and many of the theories swirling around Area 51 are based on alien contact and extraterrestrial activity. Do a quick web search about the mystery surrounding the area and thousands of stories will surface. Many fanatical followers of Area 51 even gather to share stories and discuss theories.


In recent history, an internet invitation to storm Area 51 went viral and thousands of people planned to invade the base in an effort to uncover the activities and mysterious associated with the land.

Geographical Landmarks and Features

Locating Area 51 on any map is easy because several distinctive landmarks are positioned within the boundaries. A road or topo map of Southern Nevada will show Groom Lake which is actually a dry lake bed. The lake is displayed as a giant swath of white on satellite imagery and it might serve as a landing strip for large aircraft.


Adjacent to the southern end of Groom Lake you will see a mountain range as well. The mountains are easy to locate because they have another dry lake bed on the southern tip called Papoose Lake. The mountains are essentially sandwiched between the two dry lake beds and the base is located between Groom Lake and the mountain range.

Any topographical map of the area will show the mountains and lake features. It will not, however, show the base or any distinct features. Using Google Maps, however, viewing the base is simple and the details show roads, airstrips and structures.


Area 51 Google Maps

Open Google Maps and simply type Area 51, Nevada to focus the map on the general area. The map will display several businesses associated with aliens and attractions surrounding the area. Tour companies, an alien center and many other businesses capitalize on the famous name and most are located in the immediate vicinity with a few being based in Las Vegas.

To find the actual location, however, using the Area 51 coordinates delivers an accurate location. Type 37.244820 for the latitude and -115.817208 for the longitude in the search bar on Google Maps to reach the base. Alternatively, type Groom Lake, Nevada and the map will quickly navigate to the location.


Google Maps automatically uses the street map function. Switch to satellite imagery to really view the base. The imagery reveals roads, massive parking areas and big above-ground structures. This is normal for any air base because airplane hangars are large structures and wide runways are used for landing strips. Much of the speculation surrounding the mysterious base is about underground structures not available for viewing on satellite images.