How to Find Area 51 on Google Earth

U.S. media first revealed a satellite photo of Area 51 in 1988, and modern satellite imagery has given us clearer views of this secretive military base. A CIA document declassified in 2013 was the first document released by the government to acknowledge the existence of Area 51 and confirm its location.

Yucca trees
Yuca trees near Area 51.
credit: Alepan/iStock/Getty Images

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Finding Area 51

Area 51 is located about 36 miles west southwest of the town of Alamo and 25 miles south southwest of the town of Rachel. A large dry lake bed called Groom Lake borders Area 51's buildings to the north. You can go to it directly in Google Earth by typing either "Area 51, Nevada" or the coordinates "37.24804, -115.800155" into the Search box on the Google Earth screen, then press "Enter." Note that the restricted area is much larger than the buildings. Google Earth includes many photographs added by users from the landscape around Area 51, as well.

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