How to Get Directions From One Place to Another

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Technology has made it easier to find directions from Point A to Point B.

Getting clear-cut directions from one place to another can be challenging if the source of your information is not reliable. There are several ways to obtain quality traveling routes with a high percentage rate of accuracy by using Mapquest, Yahoo Local Maps or Google Maps. You can buy a GPS to give you turn-by-turn directions or go to the website of your destination, which oftentimes includes location information. You also can rely on traditional methods, such as calling someone at the location and asking for help.


Step 1

Open your Web browser and navigate to "" for driving directions, finding airport locations and talking map programs. The website helps you find your way by providing driving routes, the total distance of your route and the time it should take to complete the journey.


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Mapquest offers a Web browser toolbar that you can download and install on your computer to make planning trips easier. Mapquest also has a cell phone app to guide you with maps while you are traveling.

Step 2

Yahoo Local Maps works the same way as Mapquest, but with fewer bells and whistles. You can enter your location and the destination and Yahoo will give you turn-by-turn directions, the distance for your route and the estimated time it will take you.


Step 3

If you are looking for the directions to a business and you don't know the address, go to the business' website. Websites typically have a "Contact Us" page or an "About Us" page that will give you the address and possibly driving directions. Driving directions are common if the business is a tourist attraction. If there is only an address, you can use that address in Mapquest, Yahoo Local Maps or another map program to get driving directions.



Step 4

A traditional way to gather directions is by calling someone at the location. Businesses that have receptionists are used to receiving calls for directions. Talking to a person could be beneficial because they may know of traffic problems, construction detours and other obstacles you may encounter. They also may be able to fax or email you directions.




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