How to Find an Australian Email

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Whether you know someone in Australia or would like to, you can find email addresses easily.

The Internet is a world-wide web of information. However, there are certain sites and searches you can perform to narrow down that information. If you want to find Australian email addresses, there are a few ways that you can search just for them, instead of searching for many different email addresses around the world. Searching for only Australian email addresses will help you narrow down your search and will make the process go much more quickly.


Step 1

Go to the Mail Friends site listed in Resources. Create an account and then do a basic search for users in Australia using the names you'd like to search for, or using a general Australian search to find lots of email addresses on the continent. You can find as many as you'd like, as long as they are signed up for Mail Friends. This is a free site to use, but you may have to pay for some of the results depending on how much information you want.


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Step 2

Click on the Australian People Search site listed in Resources. Input the name or regular address of the person you are searching for and click "Search." This site will return email information for you. General searches are free, but more in-depth ones may cost you.

Step 3

Go to the Murdoch Australian email directory listed in Resources. Click on a link to search through email listings. You can search by area or by specific institution, like colleges or other schools. You can read the directories until you find the email addresses you are looking for. Searches on this site are free.



Step 4

Log onto a social networking site like MySpace, Facebook, or Twitter. Search for friends and specify Australia as your location. Once you've found someone and friended them, you can look at their sites to see what email addresses they have listed. These sites do not cost any money to access.



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