How to Find Out Where People Went to School

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Find Out Where People Went to School

The Internet has made the world a smaller place and has given the average person readily available information about almost anything she is interested in. Finding out where people went to school can sometimes require perseverance but can almost always be accomplished.


Step 1

Look for the person on social networking sites, such as Facebook, LinkedIn or MySpace. People often list education information on their profile pages.

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Step 2

Search on, comprehensive business information about people and companies. If the person you are looking for is listed on ZoomInfo, it will most likely include information about where he went to school.


Step 3

Browse through, a site that helps people reunite with old classmates. You need to know what city and state the person is from, and then you can search for the name on the list of schools.


Step 4

Look for the person using paid search services, such as MyLife, to find more detailed information, if you cannot find out where she went to school using the free resources.


If you are using a search engine to look for someone with a popular name, try searching on the name, using other known facts about him.


You will need to sign up for most of the suggested sites to use their services.