How to Search for People in New Zealand

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Searching for people in New Zealand

There are a number of reasons why you would want to search for somebody in New Zealand. Perhaps you’re trying to find a long lost friend who settled there. Or perhaps you’re trying to locate your family members and distant relatives after a long time. The Internet should be your most useful tool. You can use New Zealand’s phonebooks and networking websites. If you cannot find the person there, look through the electoral rolls. If you’re desperate to get a clue, you can even pay for finding the person.


Step 1

Visit the website of New Zealand’s white pages. On the website, enter the person’s name (full or just a surname). If you also know the city/town/suburb, enter the name under “Where.” Hit “Search.” The results will show the person’s phone number and address (if available). You can also search for the person’s business name.


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Step 2

Look up the person’s address in a copy of electoral rolls at a local government office. You can also find copies at post offices, libraries, court houses and local council offices. The information is available for public access, as a part of the open democratic process of New Zealand.


Step 3

Look up the person in a social networking website like Facebook and Twitter. Search in local social networks like Kiwipulse, Apage or Enzed Live. Run a search by using the person’s name. If you succeed in finding him there, you can contact him through the platform after signing up.


Step 4

Look up the person on one of the “old school pal” websites, such as Find a Kiwi or Old Friends. On some of these websites you will have to sign up before you are allowed to run a search.


Step 5

Contact New Zealand Genealogy, if you are trying to locate relatives or other missing people. It is a research institute that helps people locate their loved ones. You will provide them with whatever information you know about the person, supported by copies of documents you have. They will tailor a proposal and tell you their fees. Alternatively, you can hire a private investigator if you absolutely have to pay for finding the person.



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