How to Find Keywords in Articles

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Finding keywords in an article is easy.

Finding the keywords in an article remains a very important part of Internet marketing. While this might sound complicated, it's actually a very easy process which even beginners can pick up fairly quickly. By learning how to analyze the word placement throughout an article the keywords every article is targeting become easy to spot. A large part of Internet marketing revolves around ranking high in the search engines, and knowing how to place keywords in an article not only teaches you to do that, but it also helps you to easily find the competition's keywords.


Step 1

Study the title. If the article is properly search engine optimized, the keyword will appear right in the title. If the same keyword phrase appears in the very first sentence or the last sentence of the first paragraph, consider that confirmation.

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Step 2

Look at the first sentence. Often times an optimized article will contain the keyword in the very first sentence/


Step 3

Study the last sentence of the first paragraph. Often times this sentence will contain either the main keyword or a closely related keyword.

Step 4

Skim the entire middle of the article between the first and last paragraph. Look for phrases that appear repeatedly. Especially focus on phrases which also show up in the title or easily relate to keywords in the title.



Step 5

Focus on the last paragraph for keywords which also appear in the first paragraph, title, and throughout the rest of the article. The first and last sentences of the last paragraph of an article will most often contain the main keywords, or closely related keywords.



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