How to Get a SWF URL

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Find the URL of a .swf file.

A .swf file is the published version of an Adobe Flash animation. When opened in an Internet browser, the .swf flash file automatically loads the animation. These .swf files are common elements of Web pages. They can be videos, navigation bars or even the entire website itself. Getting the direct URL (Uniform Resource Locator) of a .swf file displayed on a Web page is easy. You need to examine the source code of a Web page. The entire process takes no more than a minute.


Step 1

Open the Web page that hosts the .swf file. These files are also known as Flash files, or Flash content.

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Step 2

Right click the Web page and click "View Page Source." This is a standard feature that is available in all modern Web browsers.


Step 3

Press the "Ctrl" key and the "F" key simultaneously. This opens up a "Find" box. Type in .swf and hit "Next" until you find the .swf file's URL.





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