How to Get the URL of a Streaming Movie

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Streaming movies are movie files that exist purely on the Internet--they are never actually downloaded to your computer while you watch them. You watch them over your Internet connection, which saves space on your hard drive. The URL of a streaming movie is the physical web address where the file itself is being stored. Finding this URL is a painless task that can be completed in seconds using your web browser.


Step 1

Go to the page
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Go to the page that is housing the streaming video you'd like to locate the URL of.


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Step 2

Right-click on the streaming video
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Right-click on the streaming video. Click "View Info."


Step 3

Find the URL address
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Look for the piece of information on the "View Info" screen that begins with "http://." This is the URL address of the streaming movie.


Movies streamed using Adobe Flash Player (like the videos on YouTube, for example) will not be able to use the method described in this article. If your video is housed on a site like YouTube, look for the "Embed" box on the video's page. This box will tell you the URL of the streaming movie in question.