How to Find Newly Launched Websites

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Find newly launched websites on a laptop.

The number of new websites launched each day around the world is estimated to be as high as 30,000 to 100,000, accordng to No one really knows the actual count, as some are fronts (with hidden links) for existing sites or appear as newly created "content farms" that are actually new sites, but with repositioned content from other sites.


No system exists to organize all the new launches, but a number of pathways are out there by which you can identify the more viable of the new sites.

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Step 1

Find a website that focuses specifically on the launches of other sites. Many are specific to one area -- sites for rock music or telecommunications, for instance. Killer Startup ( is a good place to start, as it casts a pretty wide net. Each day it reviews 15 newly launched websites. Submissions often come from the individuals or firms that launched the websites. The sites are reviewed by numerous readers and often get picked up by news portals like TechCrunch and Mashable.


Check the "Killer Categories" list on the right side of the site's home page for a list of key categories featured on Killer Startup. The categories include blogs, e-commerce, search, social networking, marketing and a video/music/photo.

Killer Startup also has an archive that looks back at startup websites dating back to 2007.


Step 2

Explore the various sites that aggregate information from companies announcing a new site to serve a new or expanding business. Sitecritic ( is a good example of this approach. It's designed as a place for new sites announce their launch, and, in return, the sites get reviewed, with suggested improvements, which helps generate traffic to the sites. The information about the new sites is concise and to the point, and the site itself is presented in a simple, easy-to-read format.



Step 3

Investigate sites that focus on websites launched to support a specific type of business or industry. A good starting point is PRWeb. It's designed as a distribution point for press releases for new website launches, so the findings here are mostly of a commercial nature. If a new website is particularly newsworthy, it will eventually get featured on Google News, Yahoo news and other conventional news outlets. But check on PRWeb first to see what may not make the cut for the big news and search firms, as it still may be of interest to a particular audience.


Step 4

Cover all the bases — use the search engines. Go to Google or Bing and type in variations and combinations of "new," "newly," "launched," "websites" and "sites." But note that this information is fluid and, like much of the other information on the search engines, it has been designed to steer visitors to sites that may not be directly related to your information request. Much of the information on these lists is targeted to those who have already launched or are planning to launch sites themselves, and it focuses on how to get a new site noticed in an effort to generate hits and traffic. But this information can be useful in finding other sources that list new site launches — many of which could also be new launches themselves.




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