How to Find Out How Many Words Are in a Word Document

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Word counts don't stop being important after you graduate from high school or college. Certain parts of some job applications, for example, require you to provide information in a specific number of words. When you are working with something that requires 12 words or fewer, for example, counting the words is easy. When you reach higher numbers, however, this becomes more complicated. Instead of counting to make sure you have the correct number of words for a particular task, let Word do the work for you.


Step 1

Open the Word document for which you wish to know the number of words.

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Step 2

Look at the bottom of the Word screen. In the status bar running across the bottom, you should see a section that says "Words:" followed by a number. For example, this might say, "Words: 87." This number is the number of words in your document.


Step 3

Right-click the status bar if the "Words" feature does not appear. This opens a list of options that you can display in your status bar. Click to place a check mark beside "Word Count," then click on the main portion of your document to close the list of options. The word count is now displayed in your status bar.


Step 4

Highlight a particular section of text, such as one-sentence or paragraph, for more detailed information. If you highlighted a 10-word sentence in an 87-word document, for example, the word count in the status bar would read, "Words: 10/87."


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