How to Find Pictures Stored on Your Computer Off the Internet

You can find pictures and Internet content stored in your computer, regardless of the operating system or browser you use. The options include locating and viewing specific folders where Internet images are generally stored and downloaded, as well as performing a global search for images and graphics through your system.

If you save pictures you like from the Internet, make sure you know where your downloads are.
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Browser Download Folder

Step 1

Open the ''Tools'' menu in Internet Explorer and select "View downloads" to launch the View Downloads dialog.

Step 2

Click the "Options" link in the bottom left corner to open the Download Options page.

Step 3

Click "Browse" next to "Downloads" under the "Default Download Location" section. This launches Windows Explorer at your default Downloads folder. Browse this folder for any pictures you have downloaded.

System Search

Step 1

From the Start menu, enter "pictures" into the search field. A number of results are returned, which you can explore.

Step 2

Select "Pictures" under the top Programs section to launch the folder Libraries\Pictures, a default location for your Pictures library.

Step 3

Select any folder under the Pictures section to view other folders where pictures or photos may be stored.

Step 4

Select any folder under the Files section to view alternate locations for photos and pictures.