How to Find the Best TV Antenna for My Area

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Three important features of antennas are directionality, gain and bandwidth.

An antenna is needed to see a clear picture on your television if you do not have a cable connection. You have the ability to choose the antenna that will work best in your area. The best antenna for your home will have the best signal in your area. Finding an antenna with the strongest signal may seem like a daunting task but it can be done. The antenna is the only thing that comes between you and a clearer picture.


Step 1

Visit the official Antenna Web site to determine the best antenna for your area. Antenna Web will assist you in selecting the antenna that will work best for your home and area. Click "Choose an Antenna" on the front of the page.

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Step 2

Type your address in the boxes provided. On that same page, answer the questions that are presented to you. Click "Submit" to begin the process. A new window will open.


Step 3

Select the button that reads, "Show Digital Stations Only." Once selected, a list of stations that are in your area will be displayed. Make sure that the digital station broadcasts on the UHF band by referring to the "Antenna Type" category. If the lower channels, 2 through 8, broadcast on the VHF band, you may need a VHF antenna.


Step 4

Determine how far away your antenna will be from the transmitters. Transmitters are located in every city, so the stations can be broadcasted properly. Refer to the "Miles From" section to find out your distance from the transmitter. If you are using the antenna indoors, it should be in the 0 to15 miles range from the transmitters.


Step 5

Check the "Compass Orientation" section to determine if you need a unidirectional antenna or a multidirectional antenna. The compass orientation consists of a list of degrees that will help you determine the best antenna for your area. If all of the stations are broadcasting from the same area or at least 20 degrees from one another, a unidirectional antenna is for you. If the stations are broadcasting more than 20 degrees, you will need a multidirectional antenna. You can purchase these antennas at your nearest electronics store.