How to Know Which Direction to Point Your HDTV Antenna

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If you are currently receiving high-definition television content "over-the-air" using an antenna, pointing your antenna in the proper direction will increase the quality of the image and audio of the program you're watching. Knowing in which direction to point your HDTV antenna comes down to knowing exactly where the broadcasting television station is located in relation to your home.


Step 1

Find out where the television station transmitter your TV is tuned to is located. To do this, look online for the location of the TV station on its official website, or use your local phone book. Not every station in your area broadcasts from the same location, so find out the locations of a few of the local stations that you watch regularly.


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Step 2

Use a compass (if necessary) to determine in what direction, in relation to your television set, the television station transmitter is located. For example, if you know your local Fox affiliate broadcasts northeast of your home, stand by your television set and locate northeast.

Step 3

Angle your HDTV antenna toward the television station transmitter. This will improve the quality of the signal it is receiving as much as possible. Keep in mind that when you tune to another station, for the best results you will have to angle the antenna in the direction of the new station.





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