How to make a Laptop DVR

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Laptop DVR television

You can make laptop DVR and use it to watch HDTV. Making laptop DVR is surprisingly simple. Here is how you can convert you laptop into a DVR.


Step 1

The first step is making sure your laptop has enough memory to work as a DVR. You may need to delete the programs that are wasting your laptop's storage space. Watching HDTV and using a laptop as a DVR will use up a substantial amount of your hard drive. Basic TV broadcasts will use about 20% while HDTV will use up to 70% of a laptop as a DVR.


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Step 2

Laptop DVR stick

Once you have enough space to watch TV on a laptop DVR you will need an HDTV tuner stick. An HDTV tuner stick allows you to watch live television on a laptop. You can record your favorite shows with compatible laptop DVR software.


Step 3

Connect your tuner stick into your USB port on your laptop. You may want to get a USB hub because the HDTV tuner sticks out quite a bit. If you are okay with it protruding out, that's fine too.


Step 4

Connect your cable directly into the USB tuner stick. You can use an HDTV antenna as well. Make sure you have a powerful enough laptop to be a DVR and watch TV.


Step 5

Use software that is compatible with your tuner stick to create your own laptop DVR. Recording TV on a laptop is a smart thing to do. If you are interested in giving less money to the cable company, make a laptop DVR.




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