How to Find the Model of My Laptop Computer

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Finding the model of your laptop is not always child's play.
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It's not necessarily a simple task to identify the model of your computer. A friend, a salesman or a computer technician may ask what model of laptop computer you own and each person can be expecting a different sort of answer. One person may want to know the general series name of your computer while another needs much more specific information. For example, HP sold the G62 series laptop, which came in more than 100 different off-the-shelf configurations. Each of these was properly called a "G62" but each also had its own identifying product name and number. You can find model information for your laptop both on and in your computer.


Step 1

Turn on your computer from a powered-down state and activate the BIOS display screen that is available in all Windows-based computers. On many systems, BIOS is accessed by pressing the "Esc," "Del" or one of the "Function" keys as the laptop is starting up. The appropriate key to press is generally flashed on the screen for a few seconds during startup.


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Step 2

Select "System Information" (or a similarly-named option) from the BIOS display options. The page is available as a tab on the BIOS main page, on a pull-down menu or via another display mechanism used by your laptop's BIOS system.


Step 3

Scroll down through the System Information page to locate the model information included with your computer's specifications.



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