How to Find TracFone Serial Number

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No matter what TracFone you have, there's a way to find the serial number.
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TracFone's website boasts it is the United States' number one prepaid cell phone provider with "over 18 million subscribers" as of the date of this publication. There will be times throughout your ownership of a TracFone phone that you will need its serial number. Each phone's serial number is located in a different place. Fortunately, TracFone understands this and provides detailed instructions to find your specific phone's serial number.


Step 1

Go to

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Step 2

Hover over the "Support" menu and click on "FAQs."

Step 3

Click on the question that asks: "How do I find my Serial number?"


Step 4

Select "click here" from the answer: "For instructions on how to find your serial number, click here."

Step 5

Find your specific TracFone model and click on it.

Step 6

Follow the instructions on how to find your phone's serial number.