How to Fix a Cannot Find Server or DNS Error

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There's nothing more frustrating than opening Internet Explorer on your personal computer and getting the error message "Cannot find server." There are a variety of reasons this could happen and a number of different approaches you can take to fixing the error. "Cannot find server" or DNS errors are most often the product of your computer's inability to make a two-way connection to the Internet. If you begin receiving these errors after having a consistent connection with your Internet provider, the problems usually reside somewhere in your computer.


Step 1

Refresh the page that failed to load. If the page reloads, you just had a momentary lapse in service that happens with most providers. Between each following step, try refreshing the page to see if the problem is resolved.

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Step 2

Check the page address you typed into the address bar to make sure it is spelled right. An error in the URL address could cause this error message.


Step 3

Go to your connection settings and make sure the settings match those of your Internet service provider or local area network. Do this by clicking on Tools on the toolbar, then Internet Options. Under the Connections tab, click Settings.


Step 4

Click the "Detect Network Settings" link on the Internet Explorer page accompanying the error message to let Windows try and find an optimum connection.


Step 5

Download DNS error fix software off the Internet if no other option works (see Resources). The software is free on some websites and should be able to identify the problem and correct it.




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