How to Fix a Clicking Hard Drive

Even though a clicking noise coming from your hard drive sounds like an annoyance, it actually means you have a severe problem. It's always recommended that you replace it to eliminate new issues from happening. However, if you feel comfortable playing around inside, you might be able to fix a clicking hard drive on your own.

Step 1

Run the " CHKDSK C: /F /R". It will then run through your computer's system and figure out if there are any issues. If the process comes across any sectors that are damaged, it will try to fix them on their own. Keep in mind you will have to reboot the computer when you're finished running the scan to see if you figured out how to fix a clicking hard drive.

Step 2

Reboot the computer and check for the clicking. If it is still there then you will have to remove your hard drive and open it. Turn off your computer. Make sure you check with your computer's manufacturer for instructions on how to take it out and disconnect it from the motherboard.

Step 3

Open your hard drive up using your precision screwdrivers and look to see if the arm is making the noise. Grab your dust remover spray. Holding the can at least 6 to 8 inches away, spray lightly around the arm. Any dust or dirt that has accumulated will be removed.

Step 4

Plug your hard drive back in and turn on the computer. See if you fixed your clicking hard drive problem. If it's still making the noise, turn your computer back off and detach the hard drive again. Clean the rest of your hard drive with the dust remover spray.

Things You'll Need

  • precision screwdrivers

  • dust remover spray


Before working on your computer, make sure it is on a level surface. This sometimes causes a clicking hard drive.


Make sure you turn off your computer before working on it.

Attach the hard drive again and turn the computer back on to see if it worked. If it did, replace the cover on your hard drive and put everything back in your computer. Unfortunately if this does not work, your hard drive is too damaged and will need to be replaced.