How to Fix a CLR Error in a Computer

A CLR error on a computer is a major error that can keep the computer from booting up correctly and stop many applications from running. One of the most common CLR errors is "CLR Error 80004005," which occurs on Windows systems during the start-up process. This error is generally caused by having more than one .NET framework installed on the system at one time. While two or more .NET frameworks can work simultaneously on a system, some have compatibility issues. To resolve a CLR error, the multiple frameworks must be uninstalled and reinstalled correctly.

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Step 1

Remove any compatibility statements that are checked in the compatibility section of the system. To remove program compatibilities, press "Windows-E" to open File Explore, navigate to the folder where the program is stored on the computer's hard drive. Right-click the program name, hover over "Properties" in the window that comes up and select "Compatibility." Uncheck any boxes that are checked in the window and click "OK" for the changes to take effect.

Step 2

Press "Windows-C," click "Settings" and then select "Control Panel." Select "Programs and Features." Scroll down the application list to the .NET frameworks. Right-click on each framework's name and click "Uninstall" to remove each program from the computer.

Step 3

Restart the computer to ensure that each .NET framework has been removed from the system. When the computer reloads, the frameworks will be gone.

Step 4

Download the latest version of the .NET framework from Microsoft (see Resources). You will need only the one framework, as the features of the other frameworks will be automatically installed along with the newest version of the program, along with all of the necessary files and drivers.

Step 5

Install the latest version of the .NET framework on the computer by double-clicking the setup icon in the "Downloads" folder and following the instructions on the installation screens. Restart the computer and the framework will be installed on the system.


When uninstalling the frameworks from the computer, uninstall the frameworks in order from the newest to the oldest. The newest framework will be the one with the largest number, such as v4.5, and the oldest will have the smallest number, like v1.0.11111.