How to Fix a Comcast Wireless Internet Connection

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When the wireless internet connection is not functioning properly, the issue is often directly related to the router.
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Comcast is an internet service provider with home installations on wireless internet systems. The wireless router used to control the Comcast network is the Xfinity. When the wireless internet connection is not functioning properly, the issue is often directly related to the router.


Check the Main Line First

An internet outage that originates from the source is an issue separate from Comcast. The line may go down and service will be suspended until a physical patch is made by the local utility. If you suspect the issue is beyond the router, check with your neighbors or call Comcast directly.


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Another quick way to determine if the main internet is functioning is by plugging the ethernet cable directly into a laptop or tower. If the internet works, the problem is likely with the router or the computer network.

A power outage will also suspend internet services as the router requires power to function. Check the router for lights and check other appliances and house lights to determine if the power is functioning. If the Xfinity router is blinking green or the Comcast box blinking green light is active, power is running through the system.


After determining the power is active and the primary internet is functioning, move to the Comcast router for troubleshooting.

Reset the Router

The first and easiest solution to WiFi connectivity problems is a simple reset. This will clear the short-term memory while attempting to resolve the connection. A power cycle reset is done by simply unplugging the wireless router and waiting for a minute before reconnecting the power. After completing this quick power cycle, check the connection. In many cases, this will actually solve minor issues.


The Xfinity system also offers a reset process through their control panel. Use the App or log in to the My Infinity account page to check for connectivity. When the Wifi is not working, a different method of account access is required. Using a cell phone that is connected through the cellular network rather than WiFi will open access to the troubleshooting on the Xfinity app or website. You will, however, need a password to login to your account.


The Xfinity system has a light to show connectivity. When the Xfinity router online light is off, internet is not available. A reset may still solve the problem but the lack of a light can also indicate a disconnect between the router and the hard line.

Troubleshooting Hardware Issues

The last potential issue is the hardware. Wireless routers will sometimes go bad and require replacement. Contact Comcast directly about the issues and have them test or replace the router. In some cases, the router is purchased or leased with a warranty and a newer router that fails is often eligible for replacement. A fresh start can solve the problem of a wireless network that drops the connection regularly.


The wireless router is also connected to the wall outlet with an ethernet cable. The cable is a potential culprit and can fail. Try a new cable to test for an issue with the line between the network and the router. A cable failure is not excessively common but is worth checking.

Lastly, check your computer for issues. Try connecting on a different device and test the connection. If a phone, tablet or different computer is functioning properly, the computer may have issues with the wireless card. Conflicting IP Addresses also will cause a connection failure. The Xfinity device will, however, show an alert for IP Address conflicts that are causing internet outages.