How to Fix a LCD TV Inverter

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Fix your LCD television's inverter in a few easy-to-follow steps.

Despite major technological advances in liquid crystal display (LCD) televisions, they still end up breaking for something as simple as the inverter. Luckily, this problem can be easily fixed.The back-light inverter for a LCD TV is the most common part to malfunction. This problem can make an entire home theater system nearly useless until fixed. Basic LCD TV Inverter repairs often save hundreds of dollars.



Step 1

Check to see if your TV can still be repaired under warranty. If it can, call the manufacturer and get the instructions on where to ship or take your TV for repair. If not, proceed to repair yourself.


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Step 2

Turn the TV off and disconnect it from its power source. Some components in LCD TVs can retain power or charge for many hours. To be safe, wait a day to allow the TV to fully discharge.

Step 3

Remove the TV casing by unscrewing the stand with a Phillips screwdriver, then gently popping off the rest of the case with a thin object like a small flat-head screwdriver. Some casings might screw off instead of pop off.


Step 4

Find the inverter board, which is usually the smaller of the two boards you will see. Check the connections to ensure they are connected securely. If one is not, secure it with pliers and assemble the TV to test it again. If all of the connections were secure, do not reassemble the TV.

Step 5

Disconnect all the connectors to the LCD inverter board, then remove the board with the flat-head screwdriver to inspect it more carefully. A few of the parts on the inverter can be replaced if broken. Check your local electronics shop for replacement components. You can also consult a technician for help on your inverter.


Step 6

Look at the inverter board with the technician to check for damage to its capacitors and transistors. Buy replacement components if they can be identified as faulty and there aren't too many of them. You will need a soldering iron and solder to replace damaged components. If the replacement costs run too high, it might be less expensive to simply buy a new inverter.



Step 7

Replace the capacitors, transistors, or CCFL connectors if they are found to be broken or unable to complete the circuit. All of these components are easily installed by snapping off the old component terminals with wire cutters, removing excess solder, and soldering new components back with positive and negative charges matching, as indicated on the board and component.


Step 8

Screw the fixed inverter in place and make sure not to miss a single screw. Snap or screw the LCD casing back on, along with the stand. Plug the LCD TV back in.

Step 9

Replace the new inverter board if you had to buy another one. Make sure all the screws are secure but not too tight. Replug all the CCFL connectors. Replace the casing, and secure the final Phillips screws. Plug the TV in and try it out.



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