How to Fix a Loose HDMI Port

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High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) ports can become loose, typically due to thicker HDMI cables placing stress on the connection. Fortunately, nearly all HDMI ports are connected to the chassis in the same way. Using a simple screwdriver, you can tighten the port back to its factory condition, without fear of damaging internal components or the cable itself.


Step 1

Turn the HDMI-equipped device around so the back panel faces you.

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Step 2

Locate the HDMI port. Remove the HDMI cable if present.

Step 3

Note the small Phillips screw immediately above or below the port. Tighten this screw clockwise, using the Phillips-head screwdriver.


Some HDMI cables on the market incorporate a small thumbscrew that screws into the hole normally occupied by the screw holding the port in place on the device. This makes the cable, port and device effectively one unit, significantly reducing stress on the port and cable connector. This is also helpful when used with flat panels with downward-facing HDMI ports.