How to Fix a Record Player Turn Table

Fix a Record Player Turn Table

Serious music lovers know that the only way to listen to music is on vinyl with a record player. Producing a sound that is as close to the original studio recordings as possible, turn tables have been the preferred music player of true aficionados for decades. When your turn table breaks down, it isn't the end of the world. Learn a few simple techniques to troubleshoot and fix your turn table.

Step 1

Ensure that the belt that drives your turn table's platter is attached properly. The "platter" is the flat surface of the turn table that spins in a circle--where you put the record. A belt is underneath the platter, attached to a mechanism. If the belt is loose, or has come unattached, the platter will not spin and the record will not play. Tighten or reattach the belt to the platter.

Step 2

Replace your needle if it becomes loose or unattached. Write down the model number of your turn table and take the information to a record store to order a stylus that fits your model.

Step 3

Install your new needle. Remove the two small screws that hold the needle in place, slide it off the arm, slide the new needle into position and attach it securely with the two screws.

Step 4

Make sure your turn table is being powered properly. Check your wall outlet to see if it's still producing power. Plug a device that works into the same outlet to determine if the power source is the problem.