How to Fix a Script Error on a Computer

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The message "script error" usually pops up in a web browser to notify you of issues with JavaScript or other code that's running on a remote website. If it's not your website, you may not be able to fix the underlying problem, but you can take steps to make sure the problem isn't on your end and make the errors less annoying.


JavaScript and the Script Error

Many websites use a programming language called JavaScript to provide added logic and functionality on their sites, from adding interactive features to automatically updating content. Your web browser downloads JavaScript from websites you visit and runs it on your computer.

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Like all computer programs, JavaScript programs can have logic errors, hidden bugs and even simple typos that prevent code from working properly. These errors might cause the website to fail to work, or they may cause visible error messages, including the phrases "script error" or "unresponsive script" to appear on your computer screen. You may be given the option to stop the script if it's running out of control, which can be useful if it's slowing down your computer or making the site unusable.


No single script error fix can eliminate these errors, and your ability to fix the actual problem are limited if it's not your website. You can verify that the problem is not on your end by trying the same website in a different web browser to see if you get the same or a similar message. You can also try accessing the site from a different computer entirely or on your smart phone if you have one. If you're running browser extensions, you can disable or remove them to see if that makes a difference.

If the Error Recurs

If you've tried the website on multiple computers or browsers and it's still not working properly, it's likely there's a legitimate problem with the site. If you know the people who built the website or they have a contact email address or phone number, you can contact them and report it. Try to provide as much information as possible about what you were doing when you saw the error.


You can also try visiting the site with JavaScript disabled. There is an option to disable JavaScript in the settings menu of most web browsers. However, some sites rely on JavaScript to operate at all, so you may still not be able to load the site normally with this feature turned off. You'll want to turn JavaScript back on before visiting other sites.