How to Fix a Stuck and Pressed Left Mouse Key on a Laptop

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A laptop mouse left click button can sometimes get stuck.

A laptop is a small, portable computer. There are several brands, models and types available on the market and the prices for laptops range between about 200 dollars to 2,000 dollars or more depending on the brands and technology in the laptop. When something gets stuck on a laptop, such as a key or the left-click button on the mouse, the problem is annoying and requires fixing to make the laptop run properly again.


Step 1

Press on the center of the left click. Sometimes the problem with a left click on a laptop is the angle of the last click. Left clicking on the side of the button can sometimes cause the mouse to get stuck, so pressing it again in the middle will right the angle and make it pop back up. This only works if the reason for the stuck left click is an odd angle.

Step 2

Clean the button. Laptops are portable, so food, dust, dirt and other small particles can sometimes get under the keys can cause sticking. Use a can of compressed air and blow dust and dirt out of the left click. Wipe away the dirt, food or other particles with a cloth.


Step 3

Replace the parts. Allow a computer repair shop to replace the parts and pieces to prevent accidentally damaging the laptop. If the laptop is still under warranty, send it to the company for repairs. If not, a repair shop can replace the mouse.

Things You'll Need

  • Compressed air

  • Cloth


A wireless mouse or a computer mouse for a desk top can work on a laptop if the mouse does not work.