How to Fix a TV Screen That Has a Double Picture

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Adjust your set's convergence to fix a double picture.

Projection television monitors may display a double picture along the vertical or horizontal. TV repair experts may charge hefty fees for fixing this problem, but most users can fix it themselves by adjusting the television monitor's convergence. To maintain a good picture, users should adjust the convergence once every three months.


Step 1

Consult your television manual to determine how to adjust convergence. If you don't have the manual handy, press the "menu" button on the front of your TV or remote.

Step 2

Select "Convergence Adjustment Mode," typically found in the "Picture" or "Advanced Options" menu. Your color options will display.

Step 3

Select "Red" and press "Enter." Press the up and down channel keys on your remote, or the front of your TV, to adjust the vertical hold. Then press the up and down volume keys on your remote on the front of your TV to adjust the horizontal hold. Repeat this process for the rest of the colors.

Step 4

Press "Save," then exit the menu.


If you have an older TV from the 1980s or earlier, you can fix the picture by adjusting the horizontal and vertical hold dials, typically found on the back of your TV. For best results, have a helper watch the screen and tell you when the picture improves.