How to Adjust the Brightness on a JVC TV

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Adjust the Brightness on a JVC TV

Adjusting the brightness on your JVC television may become necessary as the television gets older or when you move it to another room. In some cases when watching darker videos, adjusting the brightness on your television can also make those video easier to see.


Step 1

Turn on your television and either tune into a television station or start playing a movie that you would like to see brighter.

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Step 2

Press the "Menu" button either on your remote control or on your television if your remote is not available.


Step 3

Select the "Video" option from the selections provided.

Step 4

Scroll down to the "Brightness" option in the video menu.


Step 5

Adjust the brightness bar to the right to make the picture brighter, and to the left to make the picture darker.


Step 6

Press the "Enter" button to save your adjustments and then press "Menu" to exit out of the menu and return to your program.




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