How to Fix Bad Pool Caller

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If you have a windows based computer, you might have come across the "bad pool caller" error, and you're probably looking for a fix. If you have this, let me show you step by step on how you can fix it.


Step 1

You'll want to first make sure that your memory is okay, since this hits hard in the memory sector. Boot up your computer, and hit the F8 Key. By doing this, you'll bring up the boot manager.

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Step 2

When you launch the boot manage, you'll want to go down to the tools section, and select "Windows memory diagnostics". This is when it will test the memory.


Step 3

If the memory test passes, you're good, but if it fails, you'll want to unplug everything on your computer, and re-boot it. Try and put as little in your computer as possible to see if it runs.


Step 4

If the problem is still existing, you may want to reboot your windows installation CD. This CD can generally fix errors by itself, that you're generally not able to.


Step 5

You will also want to check your registry with registry cleaners as well. The problem could lie in the registry, make sure everything is up to date, and clean.


Be careful with your registry. I would recommend software to do it for you.



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