How to Fix Cracked Cell Phone Screens

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When your cell phone's screen breaks, it is never convenient. Many cell phone users throw away their cell phones, or replace the whole phone outright. While this is not a terrible idea, you can save the hassle of buying a new phone by replacing the cell phone's screen yourself. It is not as difficult as it may seem, and it costs a fraction of the price of a new cell phone. You can purchase a replacement screen online for nearly any cell phone model (see Resources).


Step 1

Press the power button on your cell phone for about four seconds, or until the cell phone powers off.


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Step 2

Place the phone face down, remove the back cover, and then lift the battery out of its compartment. Set it aside.


Step 3

Remove all Phillips-head screws from the back panel of your phone. This includes any screws inside your phone's battery compartment.


Step 4

Remove the back panel of your cell phone. This may require removing the side buttons on your cell phone. It usually requires that you insert a guitar pick or credit card into the crease along the outside edge of the phone to pry off the back cover. Removing the back cover reveals your phone's circuit board.


Step 5

Disconnect the small ribbon cable from your phone's circuit board. The ribbon cable will be located either at the top or the bottom of the circuit board assembly. Remove any Phillips-head screws securing the circuit board in place. Lift the circuit board out of the phone. Disconnect the LCD ribbon cable from the opposite side of the circuit board. Remove the circuit board from the phone and set it aside. This reveals the back side of the broken LCD screen.


Step 6

Remove any screws securing the LCD screen to the front casing of the phone. Lift the old LCD screen out of the cell phone casing and set it aside.


Step 7

Place the new LCD screen inside the compartment in the phone. Re-attach any screws, if necessary. Connect the LCD cable extending from the replacement LCD screen to the circuit board your removed earlier.


Step 8

Place the circuit board back inside the cell phone and re-connect the main circuit board ribbon cable. Replace any screws removed earlier in the disassembly process. Replace the back panel of the cell phone and its retaining screws.


Step 9

Place the back panel of the cell phone on the back of cell phone casing. Align any notches on the back panel with the notches on the actual cell phone casing. Press on the back panel until it snaps into place. Replace the screws securing the back panel to the cell phone casing.


Step 10

Replace the battery and the back cover of the cell phone. Power on your cell phone to test your new LCD screen.

Things You'll Need

  • Small Phillips-head screwdriver

  • Guitar pick, credit card or thin plastic object