How to Fix DSL Connection Problems

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DSL Modem

If you've ever encountered a DSL connection problem or your Internet just stopped working, rest assured that you're not the only one. Indeed, many people with DSL have these connection problems. In a few steps, you can fix your connection problem before calling your Internet service provider.


Step 1

If you have a router, disconnect the Ethernet wire from the data port. Next, plug it directly to the computer. Turn off the computer and everything else like the DSL Modem.

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Step 2

Disconnect all lines from the phone jacks, including the DSL line.


Step 3

Blow the phone jack with air and make sure there is no dust. Plug the DSL line back to the jack.

Step 4

Turn on the DSL Modem first and make sure all of its LED lights turn on. Note that the data light will not turn on until you turn on your computer. Make sure your Internet light and DSL light turn on.


Step 5

Once you see all lights turn on, turn on your computer. Open your Web browser. If you are still getting a connection problem, navigate to the "Start" menu and select "Run." In the Run dialog, type "cmd" (without quotes) and click "OK." The Command Prompt dialog opens.


Step 6

Type "ipconfig /all" (without quotes) then press "Enter." If a series of numbers for your IP address, subnet mask and default gateway appears, your Internet connection is working.

Step 7

If no numbers appear, type "ipconfig /release" (without quotes) and press "Enter." The screen should show the following: IP Address: Subnetmask: Default Gateway:



Now type "ipconfig /renew" (without quotes) and press "Enter." Numbers should now display in the IP address field. Your Internet connection should be restored.

Step 8

After your Internet connection has been restored, plug everything back to the router. If you're still experiencing connectivity problems, restart your computer. Next, turn off your router for a few minutes and turn it back on.


Step 9

If you're still experiencing connectivity issues, call your Internet service provider for assistance. It's possible that the Internet Provider's network is temporarily down.

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