How to Empty a Cable Modem Cache

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Cable modems, like traditional telephone modems, are affected by spikes in electricity and data being transmitted through the cable line. The modem contains a cache, a chip that collects data before releasing it to your computer, that sometimes become overloaded with invalid data. This invalid data can slow down your cable modem's functions and prevent it from transmitting new data. To correct the problem, you have to empty your cable modem's cache. Once the cache is reset, your cable modem will return to a working state.


Step 1

Turn off your computer by shutting it down through the operating system. If using Windows, click "Turn Off Computer" from the Start menu, then "Turn Off." If using a Mac, click on the Apple menu and select "Shut Down."

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Step 2

Unplug your cable modem's power cable from the electrical outlet.


Step 3

Wait one minute.

Step 4

Plug your cable modem's power cable back into the electrical outlet. If the cable modem has a power button, press the button to turn the modem on.


Step 5

Wait one minute.

Step 6

Turn on your computer by pressing the power cable on the front or back of the computer. Your cable modem's cache is now empty.



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