How to Fix iPod Earbuds That Hurt My Ears

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Using your iPod headphones for long periods might cause ear pain.

New iPods ship with a pair of official Apple headphone earbuds, but not everyone finds them a perfect fit or comfortable to wear. Before spending your hard-earned cash on a set of replacement headphones that don't give you earache, try adjusting how you use the iPod or experiment with inexpensive silicone or foam covers that cushion the hard plastic earbud covers.


Step 1

Rest the iPod earbuds comfortably in your ears without pressing them deep into your ears. This should alleviate some pressure and discomfort. The earbuds may fall out of your ears, however, if you are running or moving around a lot.

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Step 2

Turn down the volume on your iPod. You may experience pain due to the constant loud noise coming from the earbuds.


Step 3

Take a 15- to 30-minute break from the iPod. The pain might be due to tenderness caused by the earbuds remaining in your ears for too long.

Step 4

Place silicone or foam covers over the iPod earbud covers. These protect your ears from the hard plastic on the iPod earbuds. Depending on the size of your ears, the covers may stop the earbuds falling out as you listen to your iPod.


Step 5

Wear iPod earbud adapters. Adapters let you listen to your iPod without actually having to place the earbuds in your ears. Instead, the earbuds go inside the adapters, and then the adapters fit around your ears.


The last resort is to replace the iPod earbuds with new headphones. Always try before you buy to ensure a good fit and to check sound quality.