How to Put Covers on Earphones

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Protect your earphones for the better enjoyment of your audio content.

Earphones, also called earbuds, are small speakers attached to music players or computers by a long wire. They personalize the listening of music, TV, movies and other audio formats, and are often used in public places or when walking. People use covers to protect the earphone speakers from being clogged with dirt, grease and earwax. Earphone covers are typically round foam elements which fit over the speaker or head of an earphone. Some earphone covers, however, are just as decorative as they are useful. Most earphone covers are cheap, efficient and easy to put on. No additional equipment is required in order to fit them.


Step 1

Remove the earphones from the packaging. They will be typically packaged in plastic. Be careful to make sure that you do not damage the earphone covers whilst removing them from the packaging. Use scissors to carefully cut the packaging open and remove the earphone covers.

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Step 2

Clean your earphones. This is especially necessary if you have been using them without an earphone cover. Use a damp cloth or wet wipe to gently clean them.


Step 3

Use your fingers to put the earphone covers on by nudging the round speaker into the foam cover's hole. You will notice that this hole looks smaller than the earphone; don't worry, it will stretch. Simply put part of the earphone into the hole, then stretch the foam cover over it until it snaps into place.



Step 4

Use a decorative earphone cover instead of a standard foam to add style to your earphones. Face the earphone so it backs into the fashion accessory earphone cover. Hold the earphone above the cover, slip the wire inside, then slide the earphone into the cover until it clicks into place. Slide the earphone back out again to remove.




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